5 Future Sports

High Kick 

Football (soccer), but instead of a goal net there is a circular, quidditch-esque hoop high in the air (15- 20 feet up, maybe), and the goalie crease is a trampoline that only the goalkeeper is allowed to use.

Played on roller blades, with a tennis ball, on a football-field-sized clay court. Each team has 3 racketeers (they carry tennis rackets), 2 sticklers (they carry hockey sticks), and 1 Lone Gunslinger (he/she carries a hockey stick, but also has a tennis racket slung over his/her shoulder, to unholster and re-holster at will). The goal can be either a soccer net with a goalkeeper, or a raised hoop with no keeper.

Canadian Basketball
Basketball, played on a hockey-sized court (2.1 times longer and 1.7 wider than an NBA court), with hockey-style line changes (‘on the fly’, rather than during stoppages of play),  three 20-minute periods per game,  first-basket-wins overtime, only 1 timeout per team per game, boards instead of out-of-bounds, and, instead of free throws, a 2 minute penalty kill following every 3 fouls by a single player. All baskets are worth one point only.

(Inside-the-Park) Baseball
Baseball, but with more running and fielding plays, fewer shallow home runs, and quite possibly shorter (but not much shorter) games. In Inside-the-Park Baseball, there is a large, slanted outfield wall placed between the outfield and the outfield stands. The slanted wall – slanted, say, at an angle of 45 degrees – will eliminate shallow out-of-the-park home runs; shallow home run balls will instead bounce up off the angled outfield wall and back into play, creating a huge increase in triples, inside-the-park-home-runs, and throw outs. The size of outfields will remain the same as in conventional baseball.
Conventional baseball parks can be easily converted into an Inside-the-Park Baseball field: you just put a slanted wall over outfield bullpens and/or over the lowest outfield seats.

Lake Hockey
Ice hockey on a massive lake or in a football stadium. Instead of goalie nets, each side has a metal pole players have to shoot the puck at. Each pole is surrounded by a fairly large goal crease which noone on either team is allowed to enter. The ice quality is maintained by robo-zambonis




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