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Bubbling Could Improve the Game of Baseball

The MLB should bubble not only because it would make the game safer, but also because it could make the game better: many more highlight-reel plays, no eerie empty stands, and potentially quicker games.

More Fielding, Running, and Highlight-Reel Plays

Baseball does not need to be played in a stadium. If, instead, you play the games outdoors (bubbling in locations with good summer weather), you can dramatically increase the size of the playing field: foul territory as well as fair. With no stands, fielders will have the opportunity to run far into foul territory to make impressive catches. The home run walls could also be pushed back — possibly, very far back — creating many more opportunities for singles, doubles, triples, inside-the-park home runs, and highlight-reel defence. The MLB would become more like youth baseball, but with the best players in the world. It would actually be a real sport.

Less Eeriness, and Potentially Quicker Games 

The ability of defenders to range far to catch foul balls might make the games shorter in length. (Pushing back the home run walls in the outfield, on the other hand, might make games longer).

More importantly, it would lead to a lot less eeriness – something the MLB is now suffering from a lot more than the NBA or NHL – as viewers would no longer have to look at big empty stands every time a batter hits the ball.

For the regular season at least,  the MLB should consider ditching stadiums and bubbling with more exciting, less eerie outdoor games instead.


4 thoughts on “Bubbling Could Improve the Game of Baseball

    • Ya, that’s good stuff, keep up the good work! I liked the Blue Jays one you did; the Skydome is nice and all but there’s nothing quite like an outdoor ballpark. It would be cool if the Jays started playing a few games every year in Buffalo in future seasons too

      • I’ve been avoiding writing about Covid-19, mostly because I figured some people would bring their shenanigans with them. However, I figured “why not”. I could see some geographic connections between the Covid-19 pandemic and baseball. I figured this would make another good time for geography and baseball.

        Buffalo built that part with the idea of getting Major League Baseball. They built it, but it never came. Ironically, it took Covid-19 to bring it, for now.

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