How to stop me from changing the channel during regular season hockey games

Like many Canadians, hockey and basketball are the two sports I watch most. Though I enjoy both equally – and in the playoffs, probably even prefer hockey a bit – I generally watch a lot more regular season basketball than hockey. I suspect this is true for many hockey+basketball fans, especially in the United States,Continue reading “How to stop me from changing the channel during regular season hockey games”

NBA-style Hockey

NBA teams score about 40 field goals per game on average, not counting free throws. NHL teams score about 3 goals per game on average. Per minute of play, the number of field goals in an NBA game is about 16.5 times higher than the number of goals in an NHL game. An NHL teamContinue reading “NBA-style Hockey”

Youber and Twober

Uber is bad, for the most part. It has tended to cause an increase in road traffic and pollution. It has also been far from profitable (though it might have turned a small profit last year), despite not paying its drivers or food-couriers well. So, here are two half-baked alternatives, Youber and Twober. They would,Continue reading “Youber and Twober”

Fertility Rates in Utopia

If constraints of wealth and health ever become dramatically reduced, would fertility rates still remain below replacement levels? The world’s fertility rate has fallen to about 2.4. In the next few years it may reach replacement levels (~2.1) outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, where it is an estimated 4.7 but falling quickly. Even some of theContinue reading “Fertility Rates in Utopia”

Lake Hockey (A New Type of Shinny and Bandy, for the Robo-Zamboni Era)

Ice sports face a double threat from climate change. Outdoor rinks are being impacted by warming weather in northern latitudes and mountain altitudes, while using indoor rinks or travelling long distances to go on winter-sports vacations could be impacted by carbon pricing. If you do travel to those colder climates however, or better yet ifContinue reading “Lake Hockey (A New Type of Shinny and Bandy, for the Robo-Zamboni Era)”

Wall Ball, Target, and Rainforest (The New Brick and Mortar American Sports)

North America’s mega-parking lots make cities hotter and, in many cases, more prone to flooding than they would otherwise be. By incentivizing car usage, they may also make cities more prone to traffic jams, air and noise pollution, and road accidents. And they are becoming emptier now than ever before, even during holiday shopping seasons,Continue reading “Wall Ball, Target, and Rainforest (The New Brick and Mortar American Sports)”