The Mezzanine  

What if, instead of building subway mezzanines underground, we put them at surface level, creating the space to do so by preventing automobiles from passing directly above each subway station? Eliminating underground mezzanines may become more viable as passengers pay for their subway tickets digitally rather than via fare booths or turnstiles If each car-freeContinue reading “The Mezzanine  “

The Double Double

Imagine there existed a Narrow Tram: a streetcar or light rail train that is only about half as wide as the streetcars and LRTs most cities use today. Narrow trams could fit more easily on narrow streets where there is not otherwise room for a transit-only lane. They might also squeeze into unused edges ofContinue reading “The Double Double”

Wall Ball

Wall Ball— or WalBall, if Walmart ponies up the cash to buy the rights — is baseball with one tiny, gigantic quirk: if a fielder catches a ball directly off of a wall, the batter who hit that ball is out. This change will serve multiple purposes: it could allow for much smaller field sizes*Continue reading “Wall Ball”

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Modi’s in Luck Now: The importance of good luck, and Uttar Pradesh, in the political success of Narendra Modi Adventures in the Age Dependency Ratio: A Demographic Overview of the World Guest Post: The Universal Spider Too Much Heaven: A Brief Look Back at 1979 Argentina in 2019 The Birthplaces of China’s Leadership Countries toContinue reading “All Geopolitics Articles”