NBA All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden, 2022: Worth Weighting For

All-Star Game, 2022:

1st Quarter: Lightweight

West: Curry, Lillard, McCollum, Morant, Mitchell, Chris Paul, Jamal Murray, Shai GA

East: Kyrie Irving , Bradley Beal, Jrue Holiday, Trae Young, Van Vleet, Lowry, Sexton, Brogdon

2nd Quarter: Middleweight

West: Doncic, Kawhi, Paul George, Klay, Booker, Derozan, Draymond, Lonzo

East: Harden, Butler, Brown, Tatum, Middleton, Lavine, Hayward, Lamelo

3rd Quarter: Heavyweight:

West: Lebron, Davis, Jokic, Zion, Gobert, Towns, Ayton, Ingram

East: Simmons, Durant, Giannis, Sabonis, Embiid, Adebayo, Vucevic, Randle

4th Quarter: Crunch Time

West: Curry, Doncic, Lebron, Davis, Jokic, Lillard, Kawhi, Zion
East: Harden, Giannis, Durant, Embiid, Butler, Kyrie, Tatum, Simmons


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