Wizard’s Futsal, Wizard’s Shinny

Wizard’s Futsal is a type of soccer (football, as they call it in the wizarding world) that can be played on a field as small as a basketball court or as large as a hockey rink. No broomsticks are allowed, but goals are scored though a raised hoop, quiddich-style, rather than into a traditional football net. Teams get 1 point for scoring a header goal through the goal-hoop, 2 points for scoring a normal goal through the hoop, and 3 points for a goal from behind the 3-point line.

If a 3-point shot is deflected into the goal by one of your teammates who is not standing behind the 3-point line, the goal is only worth 2 points (or 1 point, if it went off your teammates’ head). If however your 3-point shot is deflected accidentally into the goal by an opposing player, it is still worth 3 points.

Penalties and player substitutions are hockey-style: you can change players ‘on the fly’, and penalties result in two-minute power plays for the opposing team.

The playing area can be surrounded with hockey boards, but it can also be played without boards.

As in basketball, ‘3 in the key‘ is not allowed. (As in basketball, 3 in the key will usually happen anyway). Unlike basketball, there are no shot clocks or backcourt violations. Unlike hockey, there are no offsides or icing violations.

The height and diameter of the goal can differ from field to field, as can the size of the field, number of players per team, and duration of games. The ideal goal-hoop dimensions might perhaps be something like 11 feet high for the lowest point of the goal hoop, with a diameter of 3 feet.

For full-sized, stadium Wizard’s Football (with trampoline goalies!) see High Kick.

Wizard’s Shinny

Wizard’s Shinny is a type of hockey that can be played without goalies, on a rink of any size. It can be played on ice with a hockey puck or a bandy ball, or it can be played on foot or on roller blades with a ball.

It is played with two types of goals: a raised hoop and a low shinny hockey net:

Pond Hockey

Teams get 1 point for scoring into the shinny hockey net, 2 points for scoring through the quiddich-style raised hoop, and 3 points for scoring through the hoop from behind the 3-point line.

If playing with a puck rather than with a ball, 2 and 3 point goals can only be scored by flipping the puck up in the air through the goal-hoop, or by knocking the puck upwards when it is already in the air. Shooting the puck at the raised hoop with a wrist-shot, slap-shot, or any other normal type of shot is not allowed.

If however playing with a ball rather than with a puck, or if shooting into the low shinny hockey net (with a puck or a ball), any type of shot is allowed.

For a stadium-sized version of a sport that is a bit like Wizard’s Shinny, see Gunslinger.


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