Spanish Geo-Economics: Past, Present, and Future

Link: spanish-geo-economics-past-present-and-future-january-2017

(If some the pictures on the link above are too blurry, you can see them clearly on the link below….however some of the text paragraphs in the link below are out of place. Sorry for the inconvenience).





  1. Fascinating report. It’s interesting to note the difference between the Pyrenees and the Alps ranges. The Pyrennees seem to cut Spain off from the rest of the Europe, in addition to the differences in amount of flat land, etc. Whereas the Alps seem to act to unite various countries, not separate them. Perhaps Spain should look to the Alpine region for lessons on “moving mountains”.

    1. Hey thanks Anthony, I’m glad you liked it. I’m no expert on this stuff, but I’ve heard the Pyrenees are much steeper than the Alps in general, so even though they are not generally as high as the Alps and even though their region is much smaller than the Alps, they are still a harder barrier to cross or region to develop. And then the other thing to consider, perhaps, is that the Pyrenees can be simply avoided by sailing around them; whereas there is no direct way to avoid the Alps by sailing from Italy to Germany. So maybe this also contributes to the relatively more unifying role the Alps appear to play.

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