Two Half-Baked Montreal Expos Stadium Ideas

The Washington ex-Pos won the World Series earlier this week, at the end of a very exciting playoff run. It would be nice if Montreal could get a team again: hopefully they will take Tampa Bay’s, and so join their neighbours Toronto, Boston, New York, and Baltimore inside the American League East. If Montreal decidesContinue reading “Two Half-Baked Montreal Expos Stadium Ideas”


Wall Ball

Wall Ball— or WalBall, if Walmart ponies up the cash to buy the rights — is baseball with one tiny, gigantic quirk: if a fielder catches a ball directly off of a wall, the batter who hit that ball is out. This change will serve multiple purposes: it could allow for much smaller field sizes*Continue reading “Wall Ball”

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Chutes and Ladders: A high-tech and low-tech idea for subway stations

Chutes Companies like ThyssenKrupp have lately been trying to develop maglev elevators: elevators powered by magnetic levitation rather than hoisted by cables. Unlike conventional elevators, maglev elevators could be used efficiently even in extremely tall buildings. They could also be able to move horizontally, in addition to vertically, like a Wonkavator. One of the mostContinue reading “Chutes and Ladders: A high-tech and low-tech idea for subway stations”

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Some of these ideas are much sillier than others. I’ll leave you to decide: Transit Oases The Bus Train Bike Lane: A Bus-Bike Lane for the Smartphone Era Car-Sharing Vehicles Doubling as Sheltered Bus Stops Game of Thrones’ Lessons for Cycling Advocates The Three Card Monty  Next Man Up: The Passenger-Driven Bus  Bus-Bike Lanes: CanContinue reading “All Transit Articles”

Modi’s in Luck Now: The importance of good luck, and Uttar Pradesh, in the political success of Narendra Modi

(Read PDF Version Here ) With a slowing economy, a rival Congress Party forming alliances with regional parties in states like Tamil Nadu, and a separate alliance being formed between two former Chief Ministers of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, many had expected Narendra Modi to risk losing his majority government, and perhaps evenContinue reading “Modi’s in Luck Now: The importance of good luck, and Uttar Pradesh, in the political success of Narendra Modi”

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